Wei Huang won 1st prize of Doctoral Student Paper Competition

March 15th, 2015

PhD candidate, Wei Huang, won the first prize of Doctoral Student Paper Competition organized by the International Conference on Location-based Social Media Data held in Athens, Georgia, USA, March 13-14, 2015. The conference aims to bring along researchers from multidisciplinary fields and perspectives to share ideas and findings of research related to social media data and bid data analysis.


Existing researches in human mobility usually model the spatial-temporal movement without considering the change of human activities. Wei’s paper, entitled “Improved prediction of human mobility by detecting activity changes”, presents a new method to analyze massive human trajectories by first looking any possible activity changes before performing prediction. His method shows a significant improvement in terms of predicting accuracy of human movements, with an experiment conducted on a 5-year GPS trajectory data provided by the Microsoft GeoLife. The outcome of his research fills the current void of urban science/engineering with a wide range of applications in emergency response, intelligent transportation systems, and urban planning. Wei is currently working toward mining the spatial-temporal data provided by Twitter and explore the semantic information from the Twits for measuring the similarity of human activities.

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